Canadian Singer-Songwriter Genevieve Jaide

When Genevieve Jaide takes the stage, everything else falls away. The pure intent with which she delivers each note captivates the audience and brings the room to a state of presence that is rare to witness. Her debut album, For Him, captures the powerful vulnerability that Genevieve displays on stage, and tells the stories of the years that have led her to the release of these lyrically rich songs. For Him delivers melodies that stay with you and depict the work of an artist with a love for the craft of songwriting. However, there was a time when Genevieve thought that music had run its course in her life.

    Born and raised in Prince George, BC, Genevieve’s rural surroundings were woven with music from a very early age. What started with childhood choirs and youthful poems and melodies hummed into her horse’s ear, evolved into vocal and performance lessons leading to shows on the stages of local cafés and theatres. When the time came to graduate high school and proceed with a career choice, Genevieve spent four months on the path to a career in the sciences before jumping ship to swim back to the clear waters of her calling; music. Wanting to immerse herself in the study of music, Genevieve chose to attend the Contemporary Music and Technology Program at Selkirk College in Nelson, BC and for the first year, she thrived. It was at that time that Genevieve was required to leave the program due to a vocal condition that doctors prescribed with weeks of silence.

    It would be three whole years before Genevieve Jaide sang again, and in that time her focus fell into dark places as she navigated the murky waters of a life absent of song. Falling in love curbed the sting for a while as she floated from job to job trying to fill the space that she had held for music for so long, but as the love dimmed, Genevieve realised she had lost herself. Eventually her broken heart took her home to Prince George and with the comforts of home came the reminders of the little girl who used to hum youthful tunes to her horse, and the young woman who left for music school so full of hope only a few years prior.

    Piece by piece, Genevieve started working songwriting and singing back into her life, and a fire was lit. Defeating the silence that had consumed her for so long, Genevieve Jaide put together songs that traced death and defiance; two tones that she amassed during her time away from the craft and in fact shaped her debut album in a significant way. After jumping back into performing and gracing many a local stage with percussionist and drummer Nick Tindale, Genevieve assembled a full band in the wooded haven of a studio known as Cheslatta Records to record For Him. Nestled in the woods and nurtured by the space, Genevieve’s songs were recorded by Rick Irvine and performed expertly with the help of Nick Tindale, Chris Dibbens and Drew Gray. Released in 2017, For Him is a testament to the times of our lives that seem lost, but are instead laying the groundwork for our future successes.

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