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Genevieve Jaide is a northern blooded songstress inspired by the environment, nature, and the alluring people she has met throughout the years. She carefully releases heavy emotions through lyrics and melodies, and pairs these feelings with a groovy alternative vibe. Her folk alternative sound is accompanied by: Brock Patch, Justin Gendreau, Aidan Galletti-Viscount, and Calvin Hilde. Genevieve currently resides in Northern BC on Lheidli T'enneh Territory with her partner, two orange cats, and dog.

Genevieve's latest release, "Why Am I Like This", was written as a coping mechanism to work through her 
personal mental health journey. The title track is familiar story about social anxiety in where you wish you could promptly teleport *literally* anywhere from the situation that you are in - a pretty relatable feeling. The EP sifts through different memories and digs deep into the strange realities of one's messy mind. The genre jumps around from alternative, folk, indie-pop, to Canadiana, but maintains Jaide's lyrically driven, terrifically vulnerable singer-songwriter vibe.

Why Am I Like This is generously supported by Creative BC and the Province of British Columbia.


"I'm Not Who You Think I Am" reached !earshot's National Top 50's charts for two consecutive cycles, landing Genevieve Jaide at #27 on the top 200 chart for December 2021 .
Genevieve's first full length album "I'm Not Who You Think I Am" was generously supported by Creative BC and the Province of British Columbia.

"Genevieve Jaide is a songwriter who will catch you off guard. 'For Him' is her first release but before you realize it, you've put the whole thing on a loop and hours have gone pleasantly by. You haven't been answering the phone, you haven't been doing your work, you've just been listening. Thinking. Remembering. Repeat. You find yourself wishing you'd written her words, or wishing the "him" was you. A true talent has just uncovered herself."

- Frank Peebles, Prince George Citizen

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"Then/Now - Genevieve Jaide"
Project created by Frost Films with the support of Telus StoryHive. Genevieve Jaide and Brock Patch perform original tunes that shaped Genevieve as an artist throughout her career thus far and shares stories of how the songs came to be. 
"I’m Not Who You Think I Am"
A mini documentary sharing snippets of Genevieve Jaide’s new album and behind the scenes footage of the recording process. Recorded by Jon Russell with the generous support of Creative BC and the province of British Columbia. 
"I Feel Everything"
"I Feel Everything" is a featured track on Genevieve's album "Why Am I Like This" recorded by Frost Films with the generous support of Creative BC and the Province of British Columbia. 
"Just Drinking Tea"[ Live]
Live Recording from Genevieve Jaide's album release show on December 4th 2021.  
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